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You’ve worked hard to prepare for college and continue your education. Now, you can use E3 to leverage your earned income and make every dollar go six times further – without taking on additional debt.

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E3 is not a loan. It is an income and need-based financial aid program. E3 is renewable depending on on-going funding as long as students reapply and remain eligible.


E3 is an innovative, need-based matched savings program that pairs resources with eligible students pursuing a college education at one of Oregon’s leading private colleges and universities. E3 makes college more affordable by matching savings at a 6:1 ratio, giving students, who have saved $500, up to $3,500 to use for tuition or approved educational expenses per enrollment year!

E3 allows income-eligible students to enroll in college and graduate with less financial stress and more time to focus on academics. By doing so, E3 increases access for Oregon’s students, allowing them to acquire a lifetime asset and change the course of their own future and their family’s future.

Finally, E3’s first tenet – Earn – foregrounds the importance of financial habit building, so that the program can also educate and empower Oregon’s next generation of successful scholars, businesspersons, creators, innovators, and leaders.

E3 is one of three matched savings programs offered by CASA of Oregon on behalf of the Oregon IDA Initiative. E3 was developed in collaboration with The Alliance and member institutions and is funded, in part by The Alliance and its partners. The Oregon IDA Initiative is supported by funding from the Oregon IDA Tax Credit. For more information, go to

E3 is available to a limited number of eligible students attending or planning to attend a participating Alliance member institution.

Bushnell University*
Corban University*
George Fox University

Lewis & Clark College*
Linfield University*
Pacific University

University of Portland*
Warner Pacific University*
Willamette University*

*Institution is participating in 2023-24 and is accepting applicants

E3 builds on the success of The Alliance’s participation in the Matched College Savings Program (a program of CASA of Oregon). Read what students have to say about E3…

How does it work?


 An E3 Specialist will contact you regarding eligibility. If you are eligible:

Create a Savings Plan Agreement (we help you!)

 Once you are enrolled:

Complete financial education courses and a Personal Development Plan

Make deposits from earned income, based on your customized Savings Plan

Use your funds to pay for college

The goal is to have students enrolled and graduated from E3 within a 12-month period. To re enroll, they must qualify and re apply each enrollment year. Availability will vary by institution.

Applying Student